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Service Areas

Storyflock curates ideas, knowledge & experiences and designs spatial systems for narrative scenarios.

Our priorities guide our methods

Process oriented

We are not just motivated to get things done, but also to define a process through which they can be done again and again easily.

Strategy is our strength

We like it when you ask us for our ideas. We specialise in preparing content marketing strategies, curatorial strategies and strategies for capacity building (or other training needs).

Small companies are big for us!

How can small companies access content and design services in India? We help in developing different ways.

We are eclectic

Technology, lifestyle, food, fashion, cosmetics, hospitality, education…

Recent Journal posts

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I met Indrojit Chaudhuri around twelve years back at Pinstorm - a company in Mumbai that we both...

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Business relationships are all about talking to strangers (people you do not know personally) and...

What can Storyflock do for you?

Storyflock can do a unique set of things for you. Some of these things are very difficult to do in...

You might not need better teachers; you might just need a better learning designer

Not all teachers are good learning designers. But, to start from the start - who is a learning...

The hidden stories of India’s technology sector

India's landscape is literally strewn with technology companies. Each manager at each company has...

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If you look around yourself, many of the big companies around you are either technology or some...

Teaching and learning through conversation

When we teach something to someone — we are in fact learning what the other person is teaching us....

Measuring the teaching effectiveness

Examining and assessing a learner’s performance is something that has been thought of and is being...


Prayas Abhinav

Curator & Writer

Priyamvada Gaur

Designer & Writer

Manjushree Abhinav


Indrojit Chaudhary

Manager of Digital Strategy & Writer

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