At first, you might consider jumping to ‘yes’. But wait, take a pause and think about it. When I ask do you feel free in your house, I mean to ask a lot of questions.

Do you think your private spaces are private enough? Do you enjoy the liberty to move around in different spaces of your house? But more than that, tell me if you feel safe and warm in the house. Does the house ‘let you in’ or are you still in the world outside? Does it allow you to be whoever and do whatever you would choose to?

Do you have the flexibility to move things around in your house? To change the way you live in it? To convert one space into something else.

What do I mean when I talk about privacy in the private space? I mean, when you are in your room, do you constantly feel someone’s watching you? Or do you sometimes think the place is bugged, has hidden cameras and microphones and that someone is spying on you? Having such thoughts about the space you live in, suggests that you still do not connect with space. Feeling connected to space has a lot to do with trusting the space and being free.

Your house, along with being a place you live in, is also a place for self-reflection and self-definition. Are you able to reflect on your actions and thoughts in your house? Or do you use it as a resting or off duty space?

I believe these questions are important to ask, for both designers and those who inhabit the space designed for them.

We at Storyflock have been trying to develop ideas for a house that allows for flexibility and freedom. We believe that spaces rather than being fixed should be dynamic. Residents of the house should feel free to walk out in the open spaces of their house without feeling vulnerable. And that the spaces in the house must be stimulating for it to feel alive.

We have tried to work on these lines in the house that we are designing for a client in Madhya Pradesh.