I met Indrojit Chaudhuri around twelve years back at Pinstorm – a company in Mumbai that we both worked for. I was part of the creative team whereas Indrojot was a manager of a territory. We had a few limited interactions only but we have been in touch ever since. For a time, I believed that like all the other Pinstorm-alumni, he was part of a community that moved around investing resources and mentoring different teams and asked him to invest in my practice. But we did not do any work together time till a few months back.

A few months back, we discovered that our we agree on most business strategy and motivation questions. We started working together and although we have only started making small beginnings – I have a good feeling about what Indrojit brings to Storyflock.

Being a company focused on education and design, so far we have mostly relied on my experience and network as an artist. But of course, I know that this is not enough. In an effort to make this broader and more productive, I would like to welcome Indrojit Chaudhuri as the Manager of Digital Strategy at Storyflock Education and Design Services LLP.