Priyamvada Gaur

Priyamvada Gaur is an architecture graduate and works as a designer at Storyflock. Being an architect she is interested in finding social impacts of a design. In poetry, she finds immense peace and pleasure and tries her hand at words herself.

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Do you feel free in your own house?

by | Space Design

At first, you might consider jumping to ‘yes’. But wait, take a pause and think about it. When I ask do you feel free in your house, I mean to ask a lot of questions. Do you think your private spaces are private enough? Do you enjoy the liberty to move around in different spaces […]

Measuring the teaching effectiveness

by | Education

Examining and assessing a learner’s performance is something that has been thought of and is being used as essential part of the education system. How efficient and well thought the methods of examination are, is another debate and I would want to save that for some other time. What is of interest here is that […]

A field’s flawed perception

by | Notes and Conversations

I know of many fresh graduates in the field, who feel less motivated to be working in an Architect’s office than they should have been. I remember this wasn’t the case until we read about architectural practice and didn’t take a close look at it. Ironically, what we understood was architecture as an idea, as […]

On our relationship and interaction with strangers

by | Notes and Conversations

We associate the feeling of otherness with anything “strange”. And a stranger is the personification of that otherness. A stranger is someone we associate neither our future nor has he been a part of our past. He might or might not stay forever. But he has the power of going away completely. Results from Zick […]

Recent Conversations: (05-03-18)

by | Notes and Conversations

Art as discipline and art as universal are two different things altogether. As universal, art is integral to the human inclination towards creativity, imagination and its expression. Scribbling done by kids, who can barely even hold a colour pencil is what falls under art as universal, which is the non-purposeful art. When I talk about […]